"This group was born out of a pure drive and desire to break through any and all obstacles that face us - including ourselves – and to help each other successfully do the work we love!" -Sheila Hardy

THE WORK was developed by life-coaches and entrepreneurs, Dena Plotkin, Sheila J. Hardy, and Kaye Porter.

Determined to remain self-employed in a shifting economy, they formed a group in their cooperative workspace, which meets bi-weekly and has transformed their businesses and their lives.

Dena is also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT); Sheila is a former MFT, and award-winning Writer and Filmmaker; and Kaye is a licensed hypnotherapist, and specialist in neurolinguistic programming.

Together they represent 50 years of experience in human behavior and entrepreneurship.

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(Groups forming in Los Angeles area)

THE WORK 101 is life-changing, affordable, and effective.  To start a group in your workspace or to join an existing group, contact us at

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