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Mothering and theWork

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...finding our groove...together

Recently a single mother came up to me after I had spoken on a “Women in Leadership” panel, wanting to know how I, as a single mother, balanced the needs of my children with the needs of my growing practice and work.

Well, that is a great question and one that I struggle with everyday.

How do we know?

Sometimes it feels Ike a choice, either them or us. It’s hard and difficult and pushes a lot of the shame and guilt buttons that we were raised with, both in our families and in our culture.

I think even if you have a partner in parenting, there is just nothing like being “the mother”. It is a heavy  trip indeed. Our kids look to us, as the mother, for things that others could not possibly fill.

So how do we know? How do we determine what is “too much”.

For me, the answer to this question lies with my children. But this is also tricky because I know that my children’s one alternating mission in life is to balance their need to individuate from me while simultaneously striving to make me proud of them.

Talk about balance.

Sometimes it feels Ike a tightrope- too much either one way or the other and off I go… Praying there is a net on my way down.

And you know what, there is a net.  It was developed with intention and the fiber of it is constructed by the relational space created through the process of my collaborations.

First and foremost, with my kids and then with my workgroup and then with my community and family.

I guess for me the key to this journey through motherhood and professional creation has been one of integration. Finding the groove wide enough for us all to slide through our lives, in balance, together.




David Sedaris, Washington DC and Collaboration

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The Vision:  I love David Sedaris… I mean that guy can crack me up and I was so excited because he is coming to Los Angeles and I actually had the time and day to buy tickets set in my calendar… with a reminder alarm. I mean I was ready. Plan in place.

Plan in action: So my alarm goes off and I am like…Right on…David Sedaris… I am so jazzed man. So I log on and wait until the clock clicks over to 9:00am and buy my tickets… in Washington DC.

What is that saying? The best laid plans…

I am always telling my clients that often the way a plan shakes out is not always the way we had originally envisioned it to be. The task is to go with it. Surf the experience and ride the wave all the way through.

So now it is time to surf…

The Solution: I love, love, love collaboration…It’s my thing. Collaborative therapy,  collaborative parenting, collaborative community building- I use this stuff like salt. I believe it is a transformative process in that it adds definition and depth to self and other. When used correctly, the space that collaboration creates is powerful and an entity unto itself .

So here is my question to you. What is the role of a leader in a collaboration?

The most intriguing answer wins the tickets.

If you don’t live in Washington DC and would still like to answer, I would love to hear it.

So bring it on my brothers and sisters. You have until Monday September 20. This will allow me time to mail (yes actual mail) the tickets to you.


Dena Plotkin